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How to produce good quality bean sprout

Good quality garlic processing machine for sales
Good quality garlic processing machine for sales
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How to produce good quality bean sprout
bean sprout growing machine 
Bean sprout technic :
1.Select good beans, better this year mature beans.
2.Soaking beans : winter : soybean: 30℃--40℃ water, mung bean :70℃-80℃ water; summer : soybean : 30℃ water,mung bean : 50℃-60℃ water. Soaking time should not too long, 4-5h is ok, and water higher two times of the beans, also should stir the beans every one hour.
3.Put the beans in the boxes evenly.
4.Put the boxes into the bean sprout machine, and put them in order.
5.Bean sprout machine will spraying water automatically, usually set spraying every 4hs, bean sprout water requirement is different during growing, need water little at the beginning, then more and more, need water most after 1-2 days, so need add water timely. The spraying water quality must be clean.
6.Temperature control should be ok. Bean sprout growing the lowest temperature is 10℃, the highest 28℃--30℃, should not over 32℃. If temperature too low, bean sprout growing slow, capacity low; if temperature too high, bean sprout growing fast, bean sprout thin and long, too much fiber, quality not good. So the bean sprout growing machine inner chamber temperature better 20℃-25℃, water temperature 20℃--25℃. You can also use a temperature gauge to help during beans growing. 
7.Moisture control : keep the air stable in the bean sprout machine,reduce ait flow, keep the machine inner air with more CO2 and little O2, reduce bean sprout respiration, and produce thick hypocotyle. The bean sprout machine inner should not have light during bean sprout growing, after using bulb, should put off bulb in time.  
8.Sterilization : sterize the factory, machine and boxes, confirm the working place clean, youy hand and shoes should not have oily , soap-suds, etc. 
9.Harvest : after bean sprout growing well, usually 3-5days can harvest. Harvest can use fork, from up and down, fork the bean sprouts lightly, then put them in a pool, washing, remove the skin and not food beans, note: do not break off.
10. Sell : usually put in a box or big basket can sell in market. 
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