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chinese dumpling

Good quality garlic processing machine for sales
Good quality garlic processing machine for sales
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chinese dumpling
Dumpling (만두, ravioles, ravioli ) is a favorite food by people, not only in china but around the world. 
In china, dumpling also called boiled dumpling, is an old food, from Han dynasty,invented by doctor Zhang Zhongjing, already one thousand and eight hundreds history. We always eat dumpling on winter solstice ,for my mom said then we will not cold in winter, (smile) of course, if weather cold, still we will feel cold. Especially in spring festival, we family all back home and make dumplings by ourselves, put coin in the dumpling, talk and laugh, and who eat the dumpling with coin, means you are lucky, will have a lucky year, totally a warm family.
The dumpling wrapper can use wheat flour, rice powder, or dough made with boiling water, dough with egg, etc. The stuffing vegetable or meat, sweet or salt all ok, here in china, we sometimes put stuffing with sugar, peanut, dates, and chestnut, if you eat the sugar means you will have a sweet life in the next days; and if eat peanut, means will be more healthy in the future; if you eat dates and chest means you will have a baby next year. Different city in China, will have different customs. 
In the past we just boil the dumplings, then later, we begin to fry and steam, and the dumpling with more and more shapes, also colors. 
And nowadays, chinese people live all around the world, so chinese foods also very popular in foreign countries, like dumpling. 
We have dumpling machine with different shapes, welcome to contact.
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